Saturday, May 6, 2017

The AquaDance Anti-Microbial Dual Shower Head, Heaven in the Shower!

I just received, well not just, or I wouldn't be able to tell you about it, but i recently was lucky enough to be chosen to try the AquaDance Anti-Microbial Dual Shower Head. I will start by enter my disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Now I can gush about this AquaDance Anti-Microbial Dual Shower Head. There are two heads hence the name dual, I know you are like duh!! But, if you are not fortunate enough to have a jetted shower, this is  a great alternative.

 There is a fixed shower head that is about 5 inches wide that can move in different directions. I am not that tall at 5'5" and i can adjust the head so that the water hits my body and doesn't spray in my face, nice! The second head is a hand held head which is also about 5 inches wide. 

There is a spot to hold the handheld shower head so that it can become a second fixed head. Both of the heads have adjustable sprays. Some of the sprays are gentle like the rain shower and some are harder for those sore achy muscles. Both heads can run at the same time or you can run one at a time.

 For those of you who worry about Earth running out of water, there is a water regulater that keeps from using to much water but it will effect the water pressure in your shower. With the regulator in, when using both heads the pressure will be lower, using one head the pressure will be normal. 

I took the pressure regulators out; don't worry it's simple. Even with the regulators out, when you run both heads, the pressure is lower than when you run only one head, but the pressure is normal with the two heads and a little harder with one head. When I took the regulators out, I felt that I needed to set the shower spray setting to the rain shower or lighter because the pressure would be too hard on the higher spray settings like the massage setting. If I want to use the massage setting i need to put both shower heads on, one on rain and the other on massage so that the pressure won't be too hard; keep in mind, this is only because i took the regulators out. 

This all sounds much more complicated than it really is. Once you have your shower and you play around with the switches you will quickly figure out the setting that is right for you and whether or not you want to take the water regulator out. This is not a negative, definitely a positive becuase options are always good! If you take the regulator out and later regret it you can always stick it back in. 

The directions are pretty straightforward and easy. They even include the plumbers tape. Everything you need is in the package. 

My husband used the shower right away and loved it. I used it and fell in love, it was Heaven in the shower. The unit is is made mainy of hard shiny chrome looking plastic and I am a little leary of how it will hold up, but my last shower head was made of plastic and it is still in perfect working order. 

The antimicrobial property is definitely and added extra but I thing the best part is how good you feel in this shower. I feel like I have a luxury shower in my little regular shower stall. 

This was a great purchase, I love showers, but now I love mine even more thanks to the  Antimicrobial 6-setting Shower Combo By AquaDance® With Microban® Nozzles