About Me

If you have landed on this page, let me say thank you for taking an interest in who I am!
My name is LaVona as in Luv- on- a,  also known as Vee Luv!
I am a registered nurse who happens to be much more artsy in nature than scientific.
 I love art in all forms, music, drawing, painting, writing, and all other forms of creating. 
I love to read and watch blogs and vlogs about fashion, hair, makeup, diy everything, and arts and crafts. 

I hope to share with you the great things I run into both online and in real life.
My hope is that you will find Vee Luvilly a cool, comfortable place to hang out and chill. Share with me so that I can learn from you too. 
There is so much out there in this world, 
 I want to take it all in~

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