Friday, April 24, 2015

Rocket globeSomeone Sent Me a GiftRocket! Yay!!!!

I have been away for a while due to a long rehab from a work injury. I actually have to reinvent myself after becoming a registered nurse. I now have to train for a career that doesn't involve heavy lifting, lots of walking or standing. Doesn't sound like nursing to me. I have kept my self positive and decided to pursue medical billing and coding. At least I can stay somewhat within the medical arena and make use of that fifty thousand dollars worth of education.

My wonderful school sent me a great gift, an online $100 gift card from a great site called GiftRocket ! You can choose to have the money transferred to your checking acount, credited to your credit card, sent to you via a paper check or deposited into your PayPal account (that's what I chose because it is an immediate transfer, who wants to wait to go shopping!)

You can also send a GiftRocket  to someone via their email or have a printable version sent to your email so that you may personally hand or mail it to them for those who have stayed in the dinosaur age and don't do email or are like my dad who doesn't do anything money related on the computer; no security theft for him! 

There is a fee for the buyer but there is no fee for the lucky recipient. 
Give GiftRocket a try. I was so happy to get mine after all I've been though. I'm sure your recipient will love it too!


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